• Ljudi sta vi mislite dal treba da se malo nerf , druidi resto , ja sam rogue 5/5 merci etc , i nemogu da roknem druida a igram u 2v2 sa mage , dobar CC sve ..ima neko neko obasnjenje sta raditi .. itd ..
  • There are a ton of outdated Shaman talent guides on the web, most of which haven't been updated for WoTLK. There really isn't much wiggle room when it comes to talents, and most build are exactly the same minus a talent or two. Here is what I currently run with - 0/14/57. This build maximizes crit by choosing Thundering Strikes.
  • In the never ending process of creating a pvp commentary video I've decided to break it up into a few parts. This particular part is the talents I think you should be using if you're going to be PVPing on your classic wow shaman. Let's go spend 50g and get ready to have hard counters for almost every other class because shaman in bis.
Both of those professions would be fine for a Resto Shaman. Professions in Vanilla are all about accessibility to resources and your personal interests. I personally go Herbalism or Enchanting and Engineering for PvP. Herbalism is a great money maker, most gathering professions are pretty solid for that, and Engineering allows me to do some PvP ...
3/3 Elemental Devastation - This is pretty much an Enhancement talent hidden in Elemental tree. 2/3 Elemental Warding - A bit more survivability. 5/5 Reverberation - Quicker Shocks. Nice. 5/5 Elemental Fury - Much stronger crits on all of your spells. So that's the Shaman leveling build. Obviously you'll want to go respec now to a true raiding ...
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Restoration Shaman PvP Notes Resto Shaman Burst Healing. For max burst healing you need to have the level 90 talent: Unleashed Fury. Before going for the burst make sure you have your Earth Shield on the target. Then Riptide (this also gives you the Tidal Waves buff which will give you a big chance to crit with your Healing Surge.)

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Restoration Shaman Talent Builds: Deep Restoration This build provides the highest healing potential out of all Shaman talent builds, with a focus on Chain Heal and Healing Wave , but does so at the cost of not improving our support totems, Windfury Totem and Strength of Earth Totem .
  • Use item restoration to have those items sent back to your mailbox and we'll reclaim the materials gained. See what you lost After choosing your character, you'll get a list of items they vendored, destroyed or disenchanted.
    • Tailoring - Bônus de Spell Power significativo pra Shaman; Jewelcrafting - Gemas de 34 de Haste mesclando com a outra deixando alto o Spell e o Haste, ou mesmo usando 34 de Spell Power aumentando ainda mais o Spell.
    • If you are trying to figure out where to learn Conjure water Rank 7 this is the place!. The goal of this operation is to be able to create Conjured Crystal Water! This guide is my attempt at walking you through the process as easily as possible.
  • MaxDPS Recommends: Amazing 1-100 Leveling Guide! Fully Updated for Warlords of Draenor: Available NOW!
  • Choosing the right PvP and PvE talents is a prerequisite to proper performance in PvP. This guide goes through the various talent choices available to you as a Restoration Shaman and gives you the best combinations you can take. This page is part of our Restoration Shaman PvP Guide.
  • Shaman boasts amazing group utility with its strong buffs through totems. Windfury totem is a must in any raid while Bloodlust in Classic is unique to the Shaman class. Restoration Shamans were considered the best group healers while other specs were also amazing in PvP environment capable of dishing out insane burst damage.
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Restoration Shaman is staying mostly the same in Shadowlands and is still a fun specialization with lots of viable talent choices that affect your playstyle. While multiple spells are returning, the ones most relevant to the specialization are:
Nov 23, 2020 · Check out the Levelling Guide for more information. Restoration Shaman Talent Breakdown Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents for Resto Shaman Torrent is the talent of choice for a passive increase in your throughput while raiding.
Oct 04, 2019 · Also, Elemental Warding can be swapped for Eye of the Storm if PvP is important to you, as this is a critical PvP talent to have. WoW Classic Elemental Shaman PvP Talent Build Nature's Swiftness PvP 30/0/21 Shaman Talent Build This is the strongest overall build for a Shaman in PvP, with great damage and healing capabilities.
  • A searchable list of all Restoration Shaman Guides for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands created by Wowhead users. Rate, create, and share guides on Wowhead.

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